For Chinese people, culturally, traditionally, and customarily, having no offspring is the biggest problem in the family. So, the TCM doctors put a lots of effects to treat all kinds of women' health problems, which link to infertility like painful period, irregular period, hormonal imbalance, ovary dysfunction, tubal blockage, pelvic infection( bacteria, yeast, fungi , etc...), reoccurring miscarriage, fibroid cysts and dropping uterus, endometriosis, etc... There are a lot of written case studies and successful treatment records on fertility issue in Chinese medical books.

About more than 25% infertility is from male side. Functional conditions like low sperm count, poor sperm quality or morphology and motility, hormone disorders, illness, sexual dysfunction can be much improved with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine by strengthening kidney's function.

There are another 15% infertility remaining unexplainable, which mainly related to busy lifestyle such as stress. TCM and acupuncture are very effective treatment modality for stress and anxiety by relaxing the nerve system, calming down the spirit.

During past thousand years, the Chinese medical doctors have accumulated a flock of experience, developed very effective methods and theories for infertility treatment.

Since the 1950's, scientists in China have done tremendous researches to find out why TCM and acupuncture are good for infertility. They have found that TCM and acupuncture can promote both male and female reproductive function by balancing the body's Yin and Yang, strengthening the kidney's essence, promoting the quantity and quality of the eggs and sperms, promoting the combination of the sperms and eggs, balancing the hormones, regulating the nerve and endocrine systems. And most significantly, both acupuncture and TCM have both direction regulating function, which means making too high lower, too low higher, and eventually rebalancing back to the normal level.

Recently, the New England Journal of Medicine reported that acupuncture can increase the chance for pregnancy by at least 50 percent.

We have effectively treated many so called "impossible" patients, and made the impossible possible. Some of our patients got pregnant with only 1-2 months treatment; Some kept taking acupuncture and drinking Chinese herbal medicine up to one year. It varies because the different of your conditions, your age, etc...Many of our patients were finally pregnant and had maintained the pregnancy nicely and delivered healthy babies.

Pain Management

All kinds of pain are the most common complaints in acupuncture clinics. As everyone knows, acupuncture is very effective for neuro-musculoskeletal system disorders. Lots of researches and clinical studies have proved that acupuncture can relieve the acute or chronic pains from muscle and ligament sprains, tendonitis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, trigeminal neuralgia, post-surgery, cancer, MS, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc...Acupuncture can reduce P-substance, balance neurotransmitters, increase the ability to tolerate pain, relax the muscles, remove the build up pressure, open the stagnated meridians and reset the local blood circulation, etc.


There are many different types of headaches and migraines. In our clinic, you need to tell us the trigger factors such as mood, diet, menstruation, seasonal change, position change, alcohol, coffee, etc... We have lots of experience in headache and migraine treatment. Some of our patients from doctors' referral with very strong migraine headaches have been suffering for more than 20-30 years, tried many different medicines. They get rid of their long time strong medicine and live a headache free life finally with our acupuncture!


According to Chinese medical theory, emotional disorders like stress, anxiety, depression are the unbalance of our body's Yin-Yang and Qi- Blood, which either resulting from hyper Yang energy-heat (excessive stress hormone secretion), or lower, depressed and stagnated Qi' function. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can clear up the toxic heat, cool down the excessive Yang, lift and strengthen the weak or depressed Qi, soothe the stagnated Qi's transportation. Usually, after one or two acupuncture treatments, the patient will feel the difference.

IVF/IUI supporting

We have found that many of our patients have tried either IVF or IUI many times without any success. Some of them have tried five IVF.s and many IUI.s! According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), these procedures have failed because the patient's body was not properly prepared. The patients were so eager that they simply went ahead with these procedures without first preparing their bodies. In our office, we first do the overall check up and give you a diagnosis based on the Chinese medical theory, set up a treatment plan to work with your IVF/IUI schedule. Acupuncture my increase the blood flew to ovaries and uterus, improve the eggs quality, help building up the uterus's lining and relax your mind and body. We also give you suggestions about Chinese nutrition, lifestyle change, etc... Closely taking one after another IVF/IUI without acupuncture treatment is not wise.

Digestive problems

In Chinese medical history, there are lots of experience on the treatment of digestive problems like acid reflux, IBS, constipation, chronic diarrhea, Crohn's disease, GERD, colitis, etc with acupuncture and Chinese medicine herbal medicine. The Chinese medical students spent many hours study and intern time for digestive diseases. We have many "difficult and complicated" patients with digestive problems received big relieve. For example, some of them have no more pain or reduce their diarrhea from 5-10 times a day to normal 1-2 times a day.

Insomnia, fatigue, stress and distracted easily

Chinese medicine pays more attention to pattern differentiation when the doctors see patients in the first time. Pattern differentiation is similar to syndromes in modern medicine. One syndrome could have different symptoms. In the same way, pattern differentiation can have different complaints. Fatigue, insomnia, stress and distracted easily can show up in one pattern differentiation; they are connected. We need to have a clear differentiated pattern before starting the treatment. Some patients have to much Yang energy, which cause them hyper during the Yin time at nights; Some patients have low Yang energy ( too much Yin), so they feel low spirit, tired easily. We gave some our patients big help: they don't need drinking 8 oz of alcohol to sleep; don't wake up every hour a night or wake up at 3-5 Am; They can maintain their daily work with good concentration and higher spirit, etc...

Allergies such as hay fever, seasonal allergies, etc.

Seasonal allergies are relatively easy to deal with for most people in Chinese Medicine. Through acupuncture, diet change, herbal pills, cupping, heating, etc, seasonal allergies can be controlled. Some of our patients got rid of their very bad night time running or stuffed nose, relieved their sinus pressure and then controlled their allergies by taking one or two acupuncture treatment monthly until the symptoms gone. However, we cannot treat allergies related to animals and food. During the treatment, we ask patients to eat certain foods in certain seasons. This can prevent allergies next year.

Bell's palsy

Acupuncture and herbal medicine are effective for Bell's palsy, regardless of how long one has suffered. It has been reported that even one with a 33 year history has been cured by acupuncture. We believe that the earlier, the more effective. The first a few weeks, you need acupuncture and herbal medicine to clear up the toxic heat and cool the blood system and then the treatment is more focused on local circulation and rebuild the facial nerve function.

General balancing, tune up, and improvement of circulation

According WHO, "Health is a state of complete physical, mental & social well-being & not merely the absence of disease...." Have you ever had days or even months in which you do not feel right? You went to doctors and went through all necessary medical tests, and then doctors told you that you are fine, but you, yourself do not feel fine at all? You probably have subclinical issues. You need to "tune up"/balance your body with acupuncture. After one or two sessions, you will feel normal again.


Herpes is a viral disease. Everyone knows that we have no methods to kill this virus so far. But Chinese herbs and acupuncture can change the environment of the human body and make the immunosystem strong and then the virus can be controlled or the virus will have a difficult time in the human body and then they will not attack easily. That is why acupuncture and Chinese herbs are good for herpes. Our patients enjoy a high success rate. Candida (yeast infection) is mainly caused by dampness in TCM. It is difficult to deal with in most cases. Many patients do not realize that diet plays a large role as well. Chinese medicine developed a very effective way to treat it. Combining Chinese herbal pills with acupuncture can cure Candida faster.

Thyroid disorders

With over 20 million Americans living with some form of thyroid disease, much attention has been given to the many ways that acupuncture and Chinese medicine can treat thyroid problems, which can be used to restore the abnormal TSH, T3, T4 level. There are several powerful acupuncture points on the ear and the body that can be used to regulate the production of thyroid hormones but general acupuncture to balance the whole body's Yin-Yang plus the Chinese herbal medicine are also important. In our clinic, after months’ treatment, some patient TSH and T3-T4 were back to normal proved by the blood test. Usually, the treatment for hyperthyroidism is easer and sooner than the treatment for hypothyroidism.


Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are very effective for eczema, Acne and rashes, etc... We treat many those kind conditions with excellent results. Patients with those kind skin problems usually use many years medicine like steroid creams but only or even not control the symptoms. For some patients, after acupuncture and herbal medicine, they do not need any medicine, and their skin problems in their face, armpit, around the private areas, chest, hands and feet, etc... disappeared!

Asthma/Pneumonia/chronic bronchitis

In China, respiratory system diseases like asthma, Pneumonia, chronic bronchitis are very common. Acupuncture and cupping are muture treatment method for those problems: lots patients routinely take preventing acupuncture treatment every summer and winter in the ten hottest days and the ten coldest days. In our clinic, some of patients are only 5-9 years old, their response to acupuncture is very positive, some even got 99% better.

Acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine for cancer patients

Acupuncture is good for cancer patients because acupuncture may strenthen the immune function and yourself's defending power, build up energy, reduce the side effects like nausea, relieve the pain and help patients to relax, etc...