Dr. Li, thank you for the dedication, care and ease you have given us. Meeting you was our first step towards the success of having our first child, that was a magic!" After 3 IUI, 3 IVF, sought in both western and Chinese medicine treatment, after over 10 years of trying, we felt we almost came to an end of the road until we were introduced to Dr. Li. There was not just all magic, Dr. Li cared and fully studied our treatment in the past and understood what needs be done, gave both of us acupuncture and raw Chinese herbs medicine to regulate our bodies and make sure that we relieve from some of the emotional stresses we have piled up throughout the years, and make sure that we enjoy our visits to her office for treatment. In just less than one year of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, my wife was pregnant naturally at 38 yrs old. Our daughter Sophia is now 6 months and she weights a ton. She's adorable and smiles all the time. Matt & Rui

Dr .Li, Thank you so much for your help this year. You are amazing. I am currently having no neck pain at all! Wanda

Dear Dr.Li, You may remember my visits for acupuncture treatment back in January and February of this year when I was in very poor physical condition. By the middle of March, like a miracle and without any other treatment, things started to change for the better: I had an appetite, I could eat and drink what I wanted, and within a few weeks I put on 20-30 pounds. Today I have nearly my old weight back and feel nearly 100 percent as I felt before. Doctors have no explanation. I would like to think that the acupuncture treatment contributed to my improvement. Thank you very much again for your help. Sincerely, Hans 2008

Dear Dr. Li, I am doing very well. I did not have any morning sickness and feel great! My belly is growing too. Love, Izumi & Clay Dr. Li, Natalie is already 1.5 yrs old. wishing you a wonderful 2010. Izumi & Clay

Dear Dr. Li, I am happy to announce the birth of my second son. Thanks to your treatment. Finally I could have a baby without any infertility medicine and treatment . It's amazing!! We are moving back to Tokyo, Japan in the end of march. But I never forget my great acupuncture doctor. Thank you. Ikoko Y

Dear Dr. Li, I am much better, keeping stable with little or no pain. I am grateful to you for your excellent treatment and support. Thank you very very much. Rajani C

Dear Dr. Li, Thank you for taking care of me and for your concern. I feel safe and comfortable under your treatment. Angela

Dear Dr. Li, I've been wanting to let you know that i am really thankful for your help with my lower back pain. I came to you for acupuncture as my last chance just 2 days before my Pilates certification. I was very upset, because not only I couldn't do my exercises, I also had a hard time with as simple things as sitting straight, etc. But after your therapy, I felt so much better by the next day, and by the weekend, I was 100% back to my normal and active(and I still am!).I talk about you and my great experience with you all the time. I recommended you to some of my friends already. Thank you so much again! Lavia M

Hi Dr. Li, Working with you was a good experience. It was always very relaxing and non stressful. There was no pain involved and it certainly helped. Thanks Ann

Dear Yingzhe, I want to thank you for the kindness and concern that you showed to me during my ordeal with depression. I appreciate you taking the time to explain your acupuncture treatment and putting me at ease that this would not cause any pain. I am pleased to say, that I feel much better and my mental clarity has returned!! I am also not taking antidepressants. My primary care physician is amazed and wanted your contact information. I can't thank you enough for the help that you have given me. I will gladly recommend you to others. Cliff Harwin

Hello, Dr. Li, I chosen you after seeing several other acupuncturists and had been disappointed with them for one reason or another. I like you as you are an acupuncturist and a doctor of Chinese medicine (O.M.D.). I really appreciate that you concerned about me, told me what was wrong with me, kept notes on my conditions and checked them every time my visit. I felt much better: my tongue is no more yellow and thick, my mind is not that foggy and concentration is back. I cannot recommend you enough. Allen G

Dear Dr. Li, Thank you so very much for all that you have done for me and my husband. I truly appreciate all of the time that you spent with me. You were very patient and kind. We have been so very happy with this pregnancy and excited about it. I thank you for all of your treatment, support and guidance--it has meant a lot to us. Melissa D

Dear Dr.Li: Thank you for your kindness, patience and genuine suport for assisting me to overcome my illness. Your tiny silver needles have inched away my bodily evil and the bitter chinese medicine has restored my inner balance. I can't say enough thanks to your dedication and wonderful treatment. Your patient, Jenny

Dear.Dr. Li:Thank you again for the acupuncture treatment you gave me when I was undergoing IVF. Jasper is 6 weeks and is very healthy and strong. Thanks again for your help!LILY

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